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General Motors Corporate 10 bolt

Im not sure exactly what this axle is from,as it was under a scout when i got it. GM used the 10 bolt axle in the front of chevy trucks starting in 77 and GMC trucks starting in 79.

i have added a top truss,as well as a low profile truss on bottom to keep the housing nice and straight. Ive also added some braces to keep the inner knuckle Cs from bending,something alot of axle builders dont take into consideration.

the bottom is shaved about 1/2 inch to gain ground clearance,and had everything on the bottom smoothed out to help it glide over objects.

Since im currently running a lift spring that im very happy with,the axle has been converted to be used in a spring-under fasion.

It will have 4.56 gears and a detroit EZ locker.we shall see how long the little "lunchbox" locker holds up to 38" tires.

truss,from the pinion side


SUA perch on the diff,on the passenger side of the housing


shaved diff


truss,from the front






knuckle braces