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My custom built trailer

Gotta get my rig to the trails somehow,right? My trailer started life as a pull behind camper. Ive added extra cross bracing,a deck,tool box,and a reciever for my winch. It has brakes on both axles,and uses the bigger 2 5/16 ball. Ramps and spare tire are carried underneath.

Like everything i own,it is not quite finished. I plan on adding some D rings for tie downs,adding some side lighting,as well as reverse lights and a tool box light,and possibly some means of charging the winch battery from the tow rig.

I also am planning on adding some means of adding sides,a removeable panel to cover the currently open center,and possibly a removable tire carrier for hauling big spare tires to the trails.


what i started with

this is actually alittle more than i started with. in this pic i have added some 2x4 rectangle tubing to the C channel braces that were there. due to the size and weight of my jeep,i wnated support at least every 24 inches,so i added 4 extra cross braces total.

almost ready for the deck
all the cross pieces finished,and most of the front to back deck supports finished as well.
deck and fenders finished


toolbox and carrying racks
reciever mount for the winch


winch on trailer


jeep on the trailer for the first time