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General Motors corporate 14 bolt full floating rear axle
My rear axle is from an 80 2wd 3/4 ton chevy truck.

mods include:
-shaved an inch,which required the ring gear gaurd to help keep the cover from peeling back since removing that much material from the bottom eliminated the bottom most bolt hole. i cut halfway into the hole. i filled what was left of it with weld and ground it smooth. the distance from the axle centerline to the bottom of the diff is within 1/2 inch of my front 44,and slightly less than a stock dana 6. also everything on the bottom of the centersection that remotely resembled an edge or a point was smoothed out to help let the axle slide over rocks,logs,ruts,etc.
-rear disc brakes with front rotors and calipers,and brackets from "derbinator" on the colorado k5 page. his brackets are top quality and an easy bolt on to single wheel axles.he includes a single spacer to space the mounting bracket out from the flange,unlike alot of kits ive seen that use 4 seperate,small spacers.

rear view
front view
bottom view
rear disc
disc brake-rear view
close knuckle dana 70
here is alittle preview of the axle that will eventually go up front to rival the strenght of the rear 14 bolt. its out of a IH 1 ton truck and uses 1.5 inch,35 spline inner axles,a 332x u joint and a 4 pinion diff with 10.5 inch ring gear.

ill be converting it to disc,running it with 30 spline stubs and lockouts, some custom high strength inner shafts,and some sort of selectable locker
reverse cut dana 30 with lockouts
this is the reverse cut dana 30 im building for my daily driven XJ cherokee. it uses 44 knuckle yokes in order to use 1/2 or 3/4 ton spindles,hubs etc. it retains the axle disconnect,wich is activated from its own vaccum switch seperately from the transfer case.

it will be trussed and spooled,and ill be able to unlock the hubs for daily driving,and unlock the axle disconnect with a flip of the switch with the hubs locked for easy "turnability"

its shown here with CJ style external lockouts,but ive tracked down a set of 260x,19 spline stubshafts that will let me run 5,6 or 8 lug hubs.

ill be running it with 6 lug hubs and swapping a FSJ dana 44 or amc 20 in the rear