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bed mounted PTO winch
the winch is chain driven from a PTO on the rear of the spicer 18 transfer case. since the PTO is driven by the tranny output gear,it essentially has 4 pulling speeds,and 1 "power out". it is super fast when run in 4th gear,and could prolly move just about anything whith the tranny in granny 1st. powering out is accomplished with the tranny in reverse. the drum can be slid over to free spool. it currently is carrying 100 ft of 3/8 cable,and the drum will hold quite a bit more. the winch is very conservatively rated at about 8,000 lbs,and its origin is from a tow truck. it is mounted to the frame rails on what very much resembles a 5th wheel mounting plate made from 3/8" steel plate.

winch drive chain
i have since added a 3rd carrier bearing on the end of the pto shaft. apparently i should have prolly made the pto drivesahft from 1" or bigger rod,as it does want to flex under alot of load. the 2nd bearing is located in the center of the shaft,between the pto and chain tensioner

i also should have used a bigger chain,as this one has broken once,and will jump teeth if its not tensioned fairly tight.

long term goal is to use an engine mounted pump and a hydraulic motor to spin the winch rather than a pto. this way the winch setup will not be dependent on whatever tranny/transfer case combo i swap in.
PTO unit and drivesahft
this is a ramsey PTO for the spicer 18 transfer case. it engages the trannys output gear,so winching is done with the tranny in gear and the transfer case in neutral. it has front and rear output shafts.

the carrier bearing between the PTO and chain tensioner is needed due to the length/diameter of the shaft. it wanted to flex and bow under extreme loads without the bearing.
5 gallon gas tank
the tank is mounted at an angle,and the feed is on the bottom,so its very difficult to fuel starve,no matter what angle the jeep is at.
the large red switch next to the CNC sticker is the marine dual battery switch. itlets me choose between battery A,battery B,both batteries,or OFF.
dash and rollcage
here you can see the mounting point for the 5 waysafety harness,and between the seats is the VW steering brake that i use to control left/right wheelspin on the open rear diff.

seats have since been replaced with lightweight plastic racing seats
engine compartment
in this picture you can see the york cmpressor that provides air for the on board air system. also visible are the airbox and carb adapters for the snorkle.
nerf bar attachment
this picture was originally take to show the disc brake bracket on my old 44 rear axle,but it also shows how the nerf bars are attached to the frame. the nerf bar mounts at the front of the bars also serve as attacment points for the front bars of roll cage.
front seats
rear seats
front view