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body mods

since i dont plan any further cage or body mods to my rig for a few months,this part of my site will be temporarily devoted to daves new buggy build up.

here is the newly aquired chassis. all it needs is an engine,tranny,transfer case,axles,brakes,steering,wiring,lights,gauges...

chassis,front view
chassis,front view
chassis,rear view
chassis,side view
sort of an inside view
a boy and his buggy
stay tuned for the heart warming tale
soon to be scout buggy

this poor rusty piece of crap was supposed to be a parts rig-rip out the axles and off to the shredder. instead ive decided to reomve the rusty body,add a cage, and shorten the still solid frame 14 inches for a 102" wheelbase.

its a seventy-something IH scout travel all.

it will prolly get my usual choice of axles(gm 10 and 14 bolt) and be my "backup trail rig" while i make some extensive jeep mods over winter

watch for updates on this as well