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general photos of wheelin trips
stay tuned!

Chad at the powerlines

jasin welding mybroken,stock front leaf spring back together in the middle of nowhere with is onboard premier power welder

Uncle Jacks scout II at Haspin Acres

new bedside and fender flare

rear bumper,pintle hook and shortened frame

rear view

bolt on roof rack

bolt on spare tire and hub mount.

front bumper and reciever mount winch

front reciever

side view

side view

side/rear view


spinning spare tire and hub mount

receiver mounted pintle hook and rear fairlead

32x11.50 mudkings,no lift

38.5x15 groundhawgs,no lift

hasin acres

yes-im stuck. rear extraction in progress at miami valley

crossing the creek at the trenton tressels

haspin acres

jasin's xj and dave's cj at miami valley

haze's trooper ii at haspin acres

haze stuck at haspin acres

chad at haspin acres

oops! trying to get chad back on the trail at haspin acres

dave fixing a u joint at haspin acres