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What we do
basically,we like to modify our rigs and put them to the test.we are always on a quest to make our trucks better and more capable

we wheel locally with the Miami Valley 4 wheelers,and make trips to haspin acres in laurel,IN,as well as livingston,KY,and hopefully some further off locations such as the badlands and tellico.

email us if youve got an offroad location youd like to share!

current members
me(scotty):85 grand wagoneer. it currently runs a 44 front,14 bolt rear with a 258/t18/twin stick dana 20. 38" ground hawgs

dave: cj7 with 360/t18/2.46 twin stick d20. full width 10 and 12 bolt axles with Q78(about 36") buckshots. buildup in progress of full size cherokee(see link below)

haze: 85 trooper ii with 32" swamper TSLs,welded front and rear.chopped top and mostly stock suspension

jasin: 85 xj cherokee with more mods that can be mentioned.258/t18/205/rev cut ford d60/gm 14 bolt.37" boggers

mikey:86 xj cherokee. tuff country suspension 33" boggers

uncle jack: scout ii,SOA 44s,345/t19/d300 38" super swapper TSLs

email scotty

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